Den of Punishment 2

Erotically charged sequel to the most beautiful fetish picture ever made! With the tensions mounting and the pressure at an apex, these slaves feel the pain in a dark place that they refer to as paradise. It's a place dominated by mistresses with the skills to make them cry and make them cum. … Continue reading

Dark Paradise

Spirited pony girls in jingling tack strut beneath the dressage's of equestrian dominas. A graceful geisha in a latex kimono demonstrates the art of elaborate bondage to a beautiful doe-eyed concubine. Machines of pleasure wielded by futuristic rubber goddesses in gleaming red and black drive a … Continue reading

Dark Paradise 3

The story continues with the best erotic fetish ever filmed! These girls are hard hitting dominatrix and submission loving sluts, and they have only one thing on their minds...getting off! Watch these girls punish their naughty sluts as they ask for … Continue reading

Cruel & Unusual

Three women experience the cruel fantasies of a woman in power. In prison a woman can never experience her own fantasies, if she attempts to escape and fails she becomes the victim to whoever controls her. Here three women experience the cruel fantasies of a woman with unlimited sources of pain … Continue reading