The UK wants to block online porn. Here’s what we know

Age verification of all pornographic content was supposed to be mandatory from April 2018. But the plans have now been pushed back to later this year
In short you will most likely lose access to this website AND any porn website if you live in the UK
But all is not lost!

There are perfectly legal ways of avoiding this situation.

Use a personal VPN – ‘Virtual Private Networks’ encrypt your net traffic at source. Any body working remotely for a big company almost certainly uses one already. This will bounce your data outside the UK on an encrypted server. This is 100% legal and the government even acknowledge that people using VPN can bypass the law…. and they estimate approximately 30% of porn users in the UK will do so.

Go HERE and have a look.

There are lost of others – Do your own research and find a product you are happy with, there are also Android and Apple store apps that can give access if you only access via your handheld device.

The other option for anonymous access is to get into the Tor project which is free to use but slower than a vpn, again you can get this working on your phone or tablet with a couple of apps.

For a full explanation on the Digital Economy Act topic go here

In Summary:
Protect yourself.
Get a VPN
Get Tor
As a last resort get age verification
Do not get disconnected!






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