Our Story:- Cathy & Jasmine

Painmaiden.com was started in 2001 by Catherine Macritchie.

From May 2017 the website is being run by Catherine’s  partner Jasmine.

I am 37 years old, you have already seen what I look like 😉
So who am I? Sometimes I wonder myself perhaps its all a dream.
My name is Catherine Mac Ritchie I am Scottish if you had not guessed that already I was born just outside Edinburgh and grew up in a small fishing village near the coast. I had quite a sheltered upbringing, quite a sweet innocent young girl, nothing like I am now.
After I left school I went to work for my father in Edinburgh and then in London it was here that I started to mix with the bad company I keep these days 🙂

After a stint of doing my own modelling I developed a taste for BDSM.
and that’s where this site was born, we started out as a free site, with contributions from a large BDSM community in France, after 2 months we had to make it a pay site to pay for the bandwidth we were using, I decided then also to add movies to the site, and after 1 year we became very popular, then disaster struck I found out I had a serious illness that needed treatment, at first I was going to close the site as I did not see anyway I could carry on as my health was deteriorating fast, I also had no one to turn too as my parents had alienated me & my girlfriend had left me for a man. I felt totally alone, a dark depression settled over my mind. I was ready to fall into a dark pit, I started drinking too much and cutting myself with blades,I fell into a chasm of pain, forget what you have seen on my sites when your head goes its really bad.and when all seemed lost 2 people came to my aid first Nick my brother who also had some similar problems he helped me back onto the road to recovery. Nick  helped me with my life and with this site, which has continued to grow over the last 5 years to what it is today. Me ? well I have a health problem that’s not going to go away and one of these days it will get the better of me ,but until then I will strive to keep this site going.

So where do I go from here? that’s a good question not one I can answer right now either, I like to make this site the best BDSM site on the net, but I have a long way to go, I have looked at some of the other sites some are much better and some a terrible, I like to make this site good and always stay fair at membership price for you all.

And all that was written a long time ago in a place far away when I was healthy and the internet was a easy place to work.

In 2006 things were going really well I had 5 websites and 5 servers this alone cost me $2500 pm, and then one day I got an email from my billing company Hughes Billing telling me that they had gone bust and taken all the money that they owed me $40,000 to be exact, they even got cross with me when I got angry did they really think I would just say ‘that’s ok?’ Their email actually said ‘You are finished’ Thinking about it now makes me wonder if there was more to it than that…Well I guess I will never know as they don’t bill any more.

Of course this made a huge mess of everything and I had to restart from scratch, When you have something and it’s taken away you don’t think you can do it again but with effort I started to rebuild.

We got new billing companies on board and started again.

2007 We switch to new hosting company as we need bigger server

2010 We switch again servers as we need huge space, speed and better support.

2011  in July  we get raided by the police they take all our computers and keep them for about 6 months after which we get them all back, with no charges brought against any of us. this of course set us back about 2 years and a lot of money to restart again. sorry to anyone who was a member at this time who was affected by this problem.
2012 More 2TB drives added to server1

Now its March 2014 and nearly another disaster one of our hard drives starts to die, we can’t add anything to the sites or take anything away, the server need a new drive so of course we need to switch it off to do this. Disruption goes on for about 10 days while we patch things up. I am pulling my hair out so frustrated.

It’s then decided we can’t let this happen again and so we have to move to what is known as a raid 1 server, basically this means that should 1 drive die in the future we have a exact back up and can keep on running technically.

This upgrade took place on April 1st 2014 and due to technical issues was not finished until about 18th April 2014

So now we have the colossus. The one server to rule them all. And we have a fast input of data coming in. We started with a few hundred pictures and movies and now we have over a million files either pictures or movies.

2017  New server upgrade we have 2 new servers twice as much space 8 TB and 16 times faster than out previous servers

May 2017
Getting restrictive use of my arms and wrists now due to a medical condition and I am handing the reigns over to my girlfriend Jasmine, She is now your point of contact all email will be redirected towards her.
I will still be here but less active in website development.

We really want to thank all members past, present and new for supporting this website.




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